How Does a Child Qualify for SSI?

What does it take to prove my child is disabled?  This is a very good question. It is more difficult for children to be proven disabled because the rules for children (anyone under the age of 18) are pretty strict.

There are six domains or categories that SSA uses to evaluate children for disability.  The child must have a ‘marked’ limitation in at least two of the six domains to be qualified for disability. 

The domains are:

  • Acquiring and using Information

  • Attending and Completing Tasks

  • Interacting and Relating With Others

  • Moving About and Manipulating Objects

  • Caring for Self

  • Health and Physical Well Being

 You can help to document any deficits in these categories by keeping all report cards, psychological reports, and notes from teachers regarding behavior and discipline, doctor’s records, mental health treatment records and even a journal of anything you think may be considered significant.  The SSA relies upon school records and treating sources to evaluate these areas of concern.

For younger children who are not in school the SSA must rely upon medical providers and the comparison of age appropriate abilities of other children in the same age category.

Just remember to document EVERYTHING and if you would like some specific examples of limitations in each of the above domains stay tuned for the next series of blogs!

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