Why Did My Friend Get Social Security Benefits Already?

One day a very frantic gentleman called me on the phone screaming, “My friend already got his benefits and why I haven’t gotten mine? Heck, he’s not even disabled and I’ve been waiting over a year for my benefits!” I figured the best way for me to calm him down was to explain how the process works and why (though it may seem unfair) some will get approved more quickly than others.

I first explained that getting approved for Social Security Disability benefits was based on a few things like whether a person can or cannot continue in their line of work, if they can be retrained to do something else, their age and education, in addition to their medical records. All these factors are combined but the most important would be the person’s medical records.

After he calmed down some, I further explained that each person who applies for benefits is different and therefore the factors that get each one approved will be different. Perhaps his friend was very vocal when he went to the doctor, therefore having all his complaints about his illness or condition well documented. Maybe he has worked the same job for 20 years and is 55 years old, making it hard for him to be retrained to do something else. What if his friend has a chronic or terminal illness that requires long term care and there is no cure?

Only tipping the iceberg on the reasons why his friend may have received benefits, I also wanted him to know that his friend may have applied for benefits before him and could have been waiting two years or more. In rare instances, claimants get approved without having to go to a hearing. Again, this does not happen often and is mainly based on the medical evidence that has already been submitted to Social Security.

Every claim for Social Security Disability benefits is different. Let the office of Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law find the right way for you to get the benefits you deserve. Call us today at 1-877-526-3457. Or, tell us about your case now.

(Special Thanks to guest blogger Elizebeth Dues, Intake Specialist-Jan Dils Attorneys at Law)


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